Privacy statement

When arranging insurance, a mortgage or another financial service, we need you to provide us with personal data. Delta Lloyd Group (hereinafter 'Delta Lloyd') respects the personal privacy of its customers. We therefore treat your personal information with great care.

Delta Lloyd processes your details in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the Incident Warning System Protocol for Financial Institutions, the Code of Conduct for the Processing of Personal Data by Financial Institutions and the Health Insurers Addendum, which was specifically drawn up for health insurers. This Code of Conduct and the addendum specifically elaborate the rules of the Data Protection Act for banks and health and other insurers.

The full text of the Code of Conduct and the addendum can be requested from the Association of Insurers website (; under the menu: Publicaties, Downloads, Gedragscodes). You can also request a copy of the code of conduct from the Association of Insurers (by post:P.O. Box 93450, 2509 AL The Hague, or by phone: 070-333 85 00). We comply with this code of conduct and the addendum in all our activities.

In addition, Delta Lloyd reports the processing of your personal data to its Data Protection Officer, as described in section 62 of the Data Protection Act. The Data Protection Officer ensures that the processing of your personal data takes place in accordance with the applicable laws and code of conduct.

* Delta Lloyd Group includes Nationaal Spaarfonds Assurantiebedrijf BV, Delta Lloyd Schadeverzekering NV (trading under the names of e.g. OHRA Schadeverzekering and Erasmus Schade), Delta Lloyd Levensverzekeringen NV (trading under the names of e.g. OHRA Levensverzekering and Erasmus Leven), Delta Lloyd Bank NV (trading under the name of e.g. OHRA Bank NV), ABN AMRO Schadeverzekering NV and ABN AMRO Levensverzekering NV.

The use of personal data: what this means for you
As part of an application for an insurance policy or financial service or a change thereto, we ask you for personal data and other information. We use these data for the following purposes:

  • to set up and implement your insurance contract or financial service
  • to manage any resulting relationships
  • to conduct activities aimed at increasing our customer base
  • to carry out statistical analyses
  • to comply with statutory obligations
  • to protect the safety and integrity of the financial sector, our organisation, employees and customers.

With a view to a responsible acceptance, risk and fraud prevention policy, we may view and record your data in the Central Information System of insurance companies operating in the Netherlands (Stichting CIS), located at Bordewijklaan 2, 2591 XR, The Hague. Data is recorded at Stichting CIS to enable insurers and underwriting agents to control risks and prevent fraud. For more information and the Stichting CIS Privacy Policy,

We make use of registers to assure the safety and integrity of the financial sector, including the prevention and detection of fraud. The various registers are: the events database, the incidents register, and the internal and external reference register. These registers are managed by the Special Affairs Department. Some of the data from the events database (namely the internal reference register) can be viewed by other Delta Lloyd group members. In the case of a fraud investigation, your data are recorded in the incidents register. If we have a justified conviction that fraud has been committed, we enter your data in the external reference register. This is the part of the incidents register that other financial institutions are able to view. You will be personally notified if Delta Lloyd enters your data in the incidents register or the external reference register.

We only process data that are required for this purpose. We ensure that every type of data processing, whether related to the implementation of an agreement or the prevention of fraud, exclusively involves the processing of those personal data that are accurate, sufficient, necessary for the purpose and not excessive. In addition, as noted, all data processing is carried out properly and carefully and in accordance with the law, the code of conduct and the addendum.

Processing of specific personal data
Certain personal data need to be processed with extra care. Examples are data about your health and about a possible criminal record. In the case of personal insurance (e.g. life insurance and health insurance), we need to process data about your health. This takes place under the responsibility of our medical adviser (physician). Data about your health are only provided to other people within the company who belong to the medical adviser's functional unit and who need the data in the course of their professional duties. The employees of this functional unit always work under the direct responsibility of the medical adviser, and observe the same duty of confidentiality as the medical adviser. If we also need information from your GP or another physician you have consulted, we will always ask your permission first. In this case, we must give you the reasons why we need this information and tell you what specific data we want to know. In addition, as part of a risk assessment, we may ask questions as to whether you have a criminal record. You are not obliged to mention criminal offences dating back more than eight years.

Inspection and correction
If you already have a relationship with our company, you can ask us to provide you with a statement about your personal data that we have processed automatically or entered into a database. We may charge a fee for supplying this information. If the statement that we have provided contains any inaccuracies, you can send us a written request by post or email to correct or modify the data. You can send this request to the Commercial Division Board of Delta Lloyd,P.O. Box1000, 1000 BAAmsterdam. You will be informed within four weeks whether we are able to fulfil your request.

* A request to inspect, correct and object to data recorded to assure the safety and integrity of the financial sector can be directed to the Special Affairs Department of Delta Lloyd Group at orP.O. Box 1000, 1000 BA,Amsterdam.

Right to object
Personal data are also used by Delta Lloyd to provide you with targeted information about insurance products and financial services that may be relevant for you. If you do not wish to receive this information, please inform us by writing to the Commercial Division Board of Delta Lloyd, P.O. Box 1000, 1000 BA Amsterdam.

If you no longer wish to receive information about our products and services from your insurance intermediary, please communicate this directly to your intermediary.

The use of this website
Delta Lloyd has taken appropriate measures to ensure that our website is safe to visit and use and to prevent misuse. All persons who are able to access the data are obliged to maintain strict confidentiality with respect to these data.

Delta Lloyd uses cookies with this website. Cookies are small text files which the website automatically offers to your browser. These cookies are used only to collect and analyse certain data about visits to this website, such as visit frequency, browser type, IP address, the pages visited and the duration of the user session. These data are then used to improve the effectiveness of the various web pages and to bring this site more into line with user wishes. Cookies also ensure that your data are recognised the next time you visit our website. If your browser does not accept cookies, you will be unable to use Delta Lloyd's secure internet services.

New developments
We may adjust the text of this privacy statement based on new developments relating to our operational activities, regulatory changes or other matters. We therefore advise you to regularly consult this text when visiting our website.

Any questions about the privacy statement can be directed to the Group Integrity Department, which is responsible for data protection issues. You can reach this department by email: or by post:P.O. Box 1000, 1000 BAAmsterdam.