Responsible Investment Committee

Composition of the Responsible investment committee
Delta Lloyd Asset Management has established a responsible investment committee, with representatives from the departments of Equity investments, Fixed Income investments, Treasury, Marketing& Sales and the responsible investment officer. In 2014, delegates from the Alternative Investments team and (on an ad-hoc basis) Direct real estate were added.

The procedure
The Responsible Investment Committee meets every quarter of a year, chaired by the responsible investment officer. In these meetings, the current excluded companies are discussed, as well as companies on the watchlist and potential new exclusions. The Committee will form a judgement, based upon the existing exclusion-lists and internal and external sources of information. Based upon this judgement and in-depth analysis, an advice is presented to the board of Delta Lloyd Asset Management, regarding engagement or exclusion of companies, or regarding whether the company should be placed on the watchlist. The board decides on the Committee's advice.

 Investment Committee
Figure: Governance of decision-making responsible investing DLAM

A summary of the most recent Responsible investment committee's meeting can be found here.