Investment beliefs

Delta Lloyd seeks to fulfill its strategy through sustainable entrepreneurship. This means taking into account the long-term consequences of our commercial and financial decisions. We aim to minimize any negative impact our activities may have, while carefully considering the interests of our stakeholders.

We seek to positively contribute to the development of our employees, society, economic growth and the environment. In this way we do what we can to secure a sustainable future for our customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and our planet.

Investing responsibly is part of our corporate social responsibility. Delta Lloyd Asset Management, recognizes the societal responsibility of investors. We combine this responsibility with all aspects of our fiduciary responsibility: providing a secure pension for the future. In that light, we are as interested in financial returns as we are in the sustainability behaviour of our investments. We are accountable to our customers, to the shareholders of Delta Lloyd and to other internal and external stakeholders. Responsible investing is in line with our core values and with the way Delta Lloyd wishes to operate: future-oriented, with an eye for people, the environment and society.

Responsible investment means we combine the care and attention we give to financial aspects of our investments with care and attention for the people-, environment-, and society-related aspects of these investments.

For Delta Lloyd Asset Management, responsible investment means that we: 

  • Exclude companies that violate international principles regarding human rights, environment, labour and corruption and companies that are involved in controversial weapons;
  • Integrate information on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in our investment decisions, regarding companies and countries;
  • As active owners, cast an informed vote at annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings of listed companies. Afterwards, Delta Lloyd Asset Management will publish its voting decisions for each agenda item on the website;
  • Believe in constructive dialogues. We will engage with companies in which we invest, specifically with our participation investments, to improve their short term and long term (sustainability) performance;
  • Continuously want to stay informed about developments and themes in the field of responsible investments and sustainability. We follow these developments and apply them to our investment processes;
  • Are transparent about what we do and what we do not do. Since 2008, Delta Lloyd has been an organisational stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international organisation aiming to raise the level of sustainability reporting to that of financial reporting. Delta Lloyd reports according to the GRI standards. 

 Beleggen Op Een Verantwoorde ManierWe have structurally embedded the abovementioned principles in our investment processes. Under the header 'Responsible investment activities',a description can be found of how we put this into practice for the different assetclasses that we manage.

As the asset manager of Delta Lloyd, our mission is to translate Delta Lloyd's sustainability ambitions and objectives into our investment portfolios. Those objectives are based upon widely accepted international conventions, codes and treaties, such as the United Nations Global Compact principles and the OECD guidelines for multinational businesses. Fore more information about the sustainability policy of Delta Lloyd, click here