External stakeholders

Policy without supervision means nothing but fine words and promises. Delta Lloyd is content to find itself surrounded by a critical environment that –next to the effects of our processes of internal control- keeps us alert and helps us to operate in a more and more sustainable way. Different organisations assess Delta Lloyd’s sustainability policy, or work together with us to improve our policies and our practices. Sometimes, the activities of the complete organisation are being reviewed, sometimes only those of the asset management division or for example the banking activities.

Since 2009, Delta Lloyd is member of the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO). This association aims to make the capital market operate in a more sustainable way. The VBDO's vision is to increase sustainability awareness among companies and investors and it investigates the contribution of investors and asset managers to sustainability in various national benchmarks.

Delta Lloyd is part of the 'Sustainable investment by pension funds' benchmark and the 'Responsible investment by Insurance companies' benchmark. Both benchmarks provide us with valuable insights that in turn enable us to improve our policies and practices and our communication about this.
The different VBDO benchmark reports can be found here: Investigation by the VBDO.  

Association of Insurers
In the year 2011, the members of the Dutch Association of Insurers (Verbond van Verzekeraars) have adopted a Sustainable Investing Code. In doing so, they have committed themselves to responsible investing according to the UNPRI and the UN Global Compact.

Delta Lloyd fully supports this initiative of the insurance sector, and has co-signed the Sustainable Investing Code. We act to the spirit of it and we are accountable for it. We have integrated the elements of the Code into our Responsible investing policy. For more information about the Sustainable Investing Code and the Association of Insurers, please visit their website

Fair Finance Guide International
Delta Lloyd is being reviewed in the Fair Banking Guide and the Fair Insurance Guide. Our scores in these Guides are not high as we would like, but we are working on both improving our policies and practices internally, and engaging in dialogue with the FB Guide and the FI Guide to improve the alignment of methodology, criteria and materiality of the research.
More information can be found here.

Access to Medicine Index
The Access to Medicine Index has shaken the pharmaceutical world profoundly. Never before have pharmaceutical companies been reviewed with so much attention to their societal and social impact. We feel that the Access to Medicine Index has led to two very important and much needed developments: firstly, an increased attention to so-called 'neglected diseases' and the growing worldwide availability of medicine and health care for people in need. Secondly, it provides investors with essential information, by adding components such as research & development and philanthropy to their research. This helps embed responsible investing.

Carbon Disclosure Project
By signing the 'Carbon Disclosure Project', Delta Lloyd Asset Management wants to underline the importance of transparency in the field of carbon emissions. The emissions of carbon dioxide strongly relate to the use of energy and form one of the main causes of climate change and global warming. The Carbon Disclosure Project helps increase this awareness amongst companies and provides investors with useful information regarding the sustainability of their business models, regarding climate change and the impact on water.
The Carbon Disclosure Project includes four programmes: the climate change program, the water-program, the supply chain program and the forests program.

Global Investor Statement on Climate Change
An international coalition of six organisations has formulated the 'Global Investor Statement on Climate Change' in 2014. The purpose of this statement is to call on heads of governments worldwide to realise a stable, trustworthy and economically viable system of carbon pricing. Such a system is necessary for investors to be able to contribute more and better to financing clean energy.
For more information about this statement, click here.

Other stakeholders
Additionally, Delta Lloyd has co-signed the UN Principles for Sustainable Insurance, Delta Lloyd is reviewed in the Transparency benchmark of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and we report in line with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines.

In 2013, Delta Lloyd received the Sustainability Bronze Class Award from RobecoSAM, and in 2014 we have been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World and in the DJSI Europe.