We are a pro active service provider for risk controlled sustainable solutions for international institutional investors.
Arnoud Diemers,Manager Investments


DLAM leverages its experience of servicing internal clients (insurance, pension and banking products) by using this expertise in providing tailor-made solutions for external clients. We provide tailor-made investment solutions for all Delta Lloyd insurance entities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Above all, we are a proactive service provider for risk controlled investment solutions for international institutional investors.

Years of expertise
The management of your assets is in reliable hands with us.
We want to be an accessible asset manager for you, a sparring partner who applies its years of experience to managing your assets. We take an individual approach to each client, enabling us to provide you with the best solution. Our basic premise is risk management and finding opportunities for extra returns, where sustainability is also in focus.

Reliable service for institutional investors
New guidelines and obligations are making the world of institutional investors more complex all the time. Delta Lloyd Asset Management has years of experience in investing according to a liability structure.
We offer concrete, tailored solutions for the obligations under the restrictions of the authorities (Financial Assessment Framework). As an independent asset manager, our investment expertise is at your service to advise and support you. With an active portfolio policy, we manage the risks and strive for extra returns with a long-term view.

Asset Manager

Added value
Asset management calls for vision, thorough knowledge of markets and extensive analysis. That is the mentality that drives Delta Lloyd Asset Management's active investment style forward. Our aim is to achieve significant outperformance in comparison to the benchmarks. This is how we generate the added value our clients are entitled to expect.

 Delta Lloyd Asset Management gained its institutional investment management experience by working with separate investment portfolios. The key to these mandates is their asset allocation policy and their interest in fixed-income securities. Depending on the scope for risk-taking, we supplement mandates with our creative and innovative equity products.

Key drivers
 •  Risk management in both fixed-income – and equity portfolios: our philosophy is that there is an investment for every moment, but that not all investments last forever. Investments and investment categories are selected very consciously to ensure that the risk is acceptable to our client.
•  Importance of fixed-income securities: Both in the allocation of assets and credits, yield curve positioning and well-distributed investments in credits offer optimal results for clients with a separate account.
•  For equities, we strongly believe adding value with a the long term investment horizon, where we value economic, social and governance factors and focus on the very fundamental drivers of companies. Portfolios are focussed but, well balanced to offer optimal results for our clients.


Tactical asset allocation

Delta Lloyd Asset Management believes strongly in the added value of tactical asset allocation (TAA). Our TAA decisions are based on our original quantitative TAA model, combined with a comprehensive top-down assessment of the relative attractiveness of the various investment categories. DLAM's Research's TAA model is based on the methodology of economists Fischer Black and Robert Litterman. The model is very suitable for comparing different investment options in a risk/return context. The logic behind the Black-Litterman model is to achieve tactical asset allocation by combining historical data with forecasts. An advantage of this method is that it prevents the results of the asset allocation from becoming concentrated into so-called ‘corner’ solutions. Plus, the outcomes are not sensitive to minor changes in input. These characteristics make the Black-Litterman model more valuable than the traditional Markowitz approach. 

The TAA process results in a model portfolio that is translated into specific, balanced mandates. The Delta Lloyd Asset Management investment committee is responsible for decisions concerning under- or overweighting an asset category.

The TAA policy has been used successfully for several years to manage balanced mandates and, since the model’s introduction, we have successfully applied it to improving the performance of balanced mandates and managing absolute risks.

Risk management

Risk management is an important factor for optimizing an investment portfolio’s performance. This is why Delta Lloyd Asset Management integrates risk management into the entire investment process. Our basic principles are:

• The management of portfolios must comply with the risk profile agreed with the client. Management can focus on either absolute or relative risk;
• We ensure compliance with the client's investment guidelines;
• Bets in the portfolio are quantified and must correspond with the intention of the portfolio managers.

‘For over ten years, our investments have consistently been managed according to the agreements (guidelines, etc.) we’ve made.’
DLAM Institutional Insurance Customer

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