We strongly believe that this bundled expertise ensures the best investment decisions and solutions for every customer.

Investment Solutions

Investment solutions are designed around constraints of institutional clients. The solutions aim to meet risk-adjusted return objectives by using matching and return portfolios with a strong risk-monitoring framework. These include, for example, the capital requirements for insurers under Solvency II or the new Dutch Financial Assessment Framework (nFTK) for pension funds, as well as fiscal restrictions. Investment solutions aim on decreasing regulatory capital usage.

Our Investment Solutions are managed by the Investment Office. Our Investment Office is an essential element of our ambition to serve our customers as a true partner who can quickly and expertly cater to all their investment needs – a partner who truly puts the customer’s wishes first and proves itself through visionary investment expertise, innovative solutions and its commitment to a sustainable future.

The power of shared knowledge

The Investment Office is a team of experienced investors responsible for two key tasks. Firstly, it serves as the centre of knowledge and advice within our own organisation. To fulfil this task, the Investment Office combines the expertise of our various investment teams and supports these teams with sound advice on a broad range of topics. The Investment Office takes forward-thinking viewpoints, puts out reports and provides in-depth analyses that create vital added value. Secondly, the Investment Office continually compiles investment knowledge from our rates, credits, illiquid, equities and real estate teams. That takes place through periodic meetings as well as through cultivating an ongoing, informal discussion. This is possible thanks to the direct lines of communication between our investment teams. All of our teams work from within a single, shared space, so they are continually in contact and exchanging information with one another. Besides its role as the centre for advice and knowledge, the Investment Office is responsible for managing multi-asset portfolios, such as pension funds, on behalf of our internal and external customers.

A keen eye for restriction frameworks and risk management

When managing multi-asset portfolios, obviously the Investment Office takes into consideration all regulatory frameworks and any restrictions that apply to the customer. These include, for example, the capital requirements for insurers under Solvency II or the new Dutch Financial Assessment Framework (nFTK) for pension funds, as well as fiscal restrictions. Our focus is on realising solutions that perform optimal within the existing restriction frameworks. That requires solid risk management. The Investment Office is constantly focussed on determining which risks face the multi-asset portfolios we manage.

Focus on research

Research and strategic thinking form the bedrock of the Investment Office. We hold weekly meetings with members from all investment teams to discuss macroeconomic developments as well as topics related to specific sectors, regions, companies and methodologies. These meetings help the Investment Office to formulate a uniform macroeconomic viewpoint. In turn, the investment teams use this viewpoint to make optimal investment decisions. The Investment Office can issue binding recommendations via the Asset Allocation Investment Committee. This happens, for example, whenever events on the world stage occur that will potentially have a major impact on the markets, such as the United Kingdom’s 2016 Brexit referendum. The Investment Office worked closely with the investment teams to create a detailed scenario analysis of the situation.

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