Our core competence is building a balanced portfolio in order to make use of the best market opportunities in equity, fixed income, real estate and cash. Our main focus is to avoid risks whenever necessary. We aim to make a solid return on our investments by selecting the best investments related to the risks we are prepared to make.

Focus on optimal client solutions

At Delta Lloyd Asset Management,  a multi-disciplinary team of experts works together to provide the best investment solutions for our clients. We offer added value to our customers by proactively providing them with investment solutions that are sustainable and designed to match their individual needs. This enables them to react to changes in time, so they can reach their financial targets.

As part of Delta Lloyd NV we are very aware of which solutions institutional investors seek. We use the expertise we have built up as an asset manager for our insurance company and for external clients.


Integrated investment solutions

Delta Lloyd Asset Management divides its portfolio management activities among two departments: The Investment Office and investments.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee headed by the CIO, consists of three regimes. A light regime applies to highly liquid securities, with corresponding teams taking charge of decision-making. These positions are discussed periodically during investment meetings. A middle regime exists for less liquid securities, and a heavy regime is established for illiquid securities such as private debt. The Committee for New Investments is responsible for making decisions pertaining to these last two regimes.

The Investment Committees are responsible for investment decisions for each asset class. In the Investment Committee, portfolio managers work together with the central Investment Office to carry out investment decisions.

Investment Office

The Investment Office bundles all of DLAM’s investment expertise. It is responsible for investment strategies across all asset classes, providing tailored solutions for customers. One of the main strengths of this team is the close cooperation between our specialists in the various investment categories. A credit analyst looks at a firm differently than an equity analyst. In general the former looks primarily at the risks, the downside, while the latter looks at the opportunities for an increase in share prices, the upside.


The Investments department consists of several investments teams. These teams are responsible for all of the management activities for the investment portfolios. It is divided into a number of teams devoted to the specific (sub) asset classes. Besides these investment teams, the Investments department also includes a Trading team.

Risk management

Our focus on diversity and cooperation makes sure that we are conscious of risk when taking investment decisions. The policy is to ensure that downward outliers are much lower , increasing the chances that the result will exceed the benchmark. This is far more effective than merely chasing the latest trends. Our focus is on minimising risk.