We offer added value to our customers by proactively providing them with investment solutions that are sustainable and designed to match their individual needs. This enables them to react to changes in time so they can reach their financial targets.

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Delta Lloyd Asset Management manages the investments of institutional and retail customers and it invests Delta Lloyd’s assets and those of our policy holders.

About Delta Lloyd Asset Management
Delta Lloyd Asset Management offers specialised products within different asset classes such as fixed income, equity and real estate as well as balanced solutions. We also offers discretionary mandates for institutional customers and a range of investment funds for institutional and retail customers.

We are an asset manager that manages the assets of our various business lines and specialises in investments, both for third parties Delta Lloyd’s and for insurance business. The services provided to third parties focus on asset management for institutional clients, and management of Delta Lloyd’s multiple investment funds.

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Delta Lloyd more than asset management

Delta Lloyd provides life insurance, pensions, general insurance, asset management and banking products and services to 4.2 million customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. We use multiple channels to distribute our products and services.

Delta Lloyd is part of NN Group Bidco BV.

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Responsible Investment

Delta Lloyd seeks to fulfil its strategy through sustainable entrepreneurship. This means taking into account the long-term consequences of our commercial and financial decisions. We aim to minimize any negative impact our activities may have, while carefully considering the interests of our stakeholders.

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